What is a designer

A wise man told me once that "specialization is for the insects." Many designers hide behind various prefixes like web, print, industrial, or interior. To be a designer means to look beyond conventions, preconceptions, and categories. In a phrase, a designer is not defined by the tools on his or her belt.

1 oz. > 1 lb.

An ounce of application beats one pound of theory. A theory can be praised as the best thing since sliced bread but the true test of its greatness is when it is put into practice.


To have balance in life is vitally important. When nutrition falls out of balance, illness sets in. In politics when there is a lack of balance, extremism and fanaticism develops. In design, balance between creativity and functionality is essential. If a design is entirely functional without creativity it will fail to hold interest. Conversely, if a design is very creative without consideration of functionality, no one will interact with it.

Less is more

Good designers know what to add to a piece to make it sing. Great designers know what to remove from a piece to make it sublime.