Karate Junction


Karate Junction was a martial arts and training facility with a long history in North West St. Paul, MN. It offered a diversified curriculum including aerobic kickboxing, strength-training Russian Kettlebells, core-training Pilates or the muscle discipline of martial arts. And while the owner wanted the brand to encompass all of these options, they also wanted the logo to speak to how the school was founded, a place to learn the Korean martial art Soo Bahk Do. The visual elements of the logo were directly inspired by that style of martial art. The midnight blue was taken from the color of the style’s “black belt”. The founder of this style felt that black indicated death or an ending and when an individual did reach the level of “black belt”, he wanted to use a color that indicated expertise but still had room to grow, hence the midnight blue. The red in the logo was inspired by the red stripe down the middle of any master instructor’s belt.