As a professional graphic designer of 20 years, I have many skills that most graphic designers do. What is unique and valuable about me are all those things that other graphic designers lack.

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Analytical Mind

I discovered early on that I didn't think like other designers. In college, while other design students were taking remedial math as their math credit, I was taking Calculus 2. As other students were using proportional scale wheels to figure out how much to increase or decrease something, I was doing the same in my head. Whereas other designers were motivated to make something cool or artistic, I wanted to make something that accomplished its purpose. If a piece was meant to educate, I wanted to make it as clear, concise, and simple as possible. If a piece was meant to persuade, I wanted to find out all there was to know about the target audience so that I could understand what motivates and moves them. It was when I took a class called Information Design that I knew I had a love for data and analytics. I loved to dive into data and figure out the relationship between the data points and figure out a visualization that would best convey the data.

Pragmatic Approach

As someone who has worked steadily as a designer for 20 years, I have never allowed my ego to get in the way of my work. After two decades, I am astonished that the majority of designers I went to school with are no longer designers. I suspect that for at least a few, they could not handle the reality that working for others meant creating their client's vision and not their own. I also believe in data-driven design. I enjoy creating beautiful things but if I discover, through data, that an "ugly" piece is more successful, then I will fight for the "ugly" piece every time.

Insatiable Curiosity

I love learning about things and discovering how they work. This could be a device, online tool, or process. A decade ago, one of my monitors stopped working. There was no indication of power or display. Instead of tossing it, I took it apart, found a defective capacitor, and replaced it. Now, 10 years later, that monitor is still working. This is just how I'm wired (no pun intended). When I graduated from college, I only knew print design. Well, seven positions later, I have accumulated expertise in web design/production, email marketing, SEO, SEM, video editing & post-production, and photography. And when I say expertise, I don't mean in just one program. In email marketing, I am proficient in Lyris, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Email Studio, and Outlook (where I can produce HTML, responsive-ready email templates). In video production, I cut my teeth on Sony Vegas, moving on to iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Currently, I am working in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

What I Love Doing

Over the past 20 years, I have picked up a few skills. These are what I excel at.


Building and creating brands for print and across digital channels.

Web Design

Responsive, interactive and clean websites and apps. Building and creating brands that are digital.

Logo Design

Simple but bold logos and icons.


Visualizing data in an instantly understandable way.

Video Editing/Production

Editing video footage and adding motion and static graphics.


As a data nerd, I am deeply interested in analytics to show whether a project is successful or not.