Karate Junction

Karate Junction was a martial arts and training facility with a long history in North West St. Paul, MN. It offered a diversified curriculum that will suit anyone regardless of fitness level or experience. Whether aerobic kickboxing, strength-training Russian Kettlebells, core-training Pilates, or the muscle discipline of martial arts, the staff at Karate Junction had the experience and expertise to transform the potential of any body into reality. After the creation of the logo, I had the interesting challenge of incorporating the midnight blue background and red stripe into the various marketing materials, the most notable being the website. While a navigation down the middle of the page was unconventional, I felt that it provided an interesting way to give the instructors and what they taught their own separate space. This treatment with the business card and envelope also yielded positive results. The training DVD was more of a challenge because we had to represent the stripe in a circular format.